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A Note From Our Filmmakers

We are storytellers. We find inspiration from the people around us; people who do incredible things and learn more about themselves than they had ever known before. So naturally, when we heard of the couple who dared to tackle the Atlantic Ocean in a row boat, we wanted to share their story. What we didn’t realize was that this wasn’t just a chronicle of the dangers at sea; it was a story about a couple working through their relationship.


Riaan and Vasti had been dating for 14 years when they took up their mission. They committed themselves to traveling a vast ocean in a confined space. They were prepared to battle the elements, but they were not prepared to battle each other. The journey was captured through their own lens: Go-Pros, notebooks, and a camera were their only resources of record. Their expedition would continue with no support, no film crew, and no lifeline.


They  would have to work together to survive. They would have to build trust and repair damage; abandon selfishness and pride to rediscover the power of dependence. They would have to experience change.


We are eager to share this story of transformation, a story of two people who must confront their inner selves in order to become something greater and complete the task. This is a story of adventure and affinity, trust and communication.


This is Sea Change.

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