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Vasti and Riaan risk their lives and their relationship on the Atlantic Ocean, as they battle nature and each other over five months rowing nearly 7,000 miles and making history in the process.

Captured entirely by GoPro Cameras in-the-moment, Sea Change follows their epic journey from the shores of Africa to their months alone at sea to achieving their dream of reaching New York.

Surrounded by the alternately glorious and punishing ocean, they suffer life and death crises that challenge traditional roles and test the limits of human endurance.

This is a trip of trial, tribulation, and transformation, as they discover who they truly are, what they mean to each other, and the power of partnership.



Riaan Manser:

South Africa native Riaan Manser gained worldwide recognition after becoming the first person to cycle around the perimeter of Africa. In July 2009, Manser set another world first when he became the first person to circumnavigate Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, by kayak. Riaan has been a motivational speaker and author of books such as Around Africa on My Bicycle (2007), Around Madagascar on My Kayak (2010), and Around Iceland on Inspiration (2012). He founded the charity No Food for Lazy Man, which provides recreational activity for children in disadvantaged schools to build confidence and character and instill teamwork.



Vasti Geldenhuys:

Vasti Geldenhuys hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. She received her law degree at Stellenbosch University in 2002. After specializing in criminal and civil litigation, she started her own firm in 2013 but then made a life-changing decision when she decided to join her boyfriend, Riaan, on a world-first journey from South Africa to New York. The couple met in Cape Town, South Africa in 1999.

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